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Our customers are the most important thing for us, regardless of the size of their projects. For this reason, although at Grupo Ríos we specialize in the production of furniture, at the same time we provide full technical support during each project in the areas of design, materials, measurements and trends. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can optimize the resources of our clients, always providing excellence and quality.


Grupo Ríos is a specialist in the production of furniture with the highest quality standards. We have cutting edge technology, mainly German, we use only hardware,accessories and materials of the best quality, both domestic and imported, and we have a highly trained and committed team.


Logistics is an integral part of the services we provide. This area is as important as the development of the products themselves, since it allows us to ensure that we maintain excellent quality standards, which are part of the promise of Grupo Ríos. We take care of bringing our finished product to where our customers require it.

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Every member of our company is committed to working and maintaining high quality standards at all times.


Grupo Ríos is at the forefront of the latest trends in our industry, attending international fairs, seminars and courses.

Integral Service

We have an interdisciplinary team trained to provide comprehensive support in all stages of our clients’ projects.


We use a wide range of premium materials, which allows us to keep our promise to deliver high quality products.

Last projects

Commercial Furniture


We produce complete commercial furniture and display systems including racks, counters, tables, seats, dressing rooms, rear furniture, fittings, walls, ceilings, among others.

Office Furniture


We enable complete corporate spaces, including receptions, workstations, desks, filing cabinets, wall plating, coffee points, meeting tables, among others.

Home Furniture


Our projects include all furniture in a home, such as kitchen, library, bars, closets, bathrooms, doors, baseboards, tables, chairs, desks, among others.

Architectural Carpentry


We produce unique furniture with special characteristics for projects such as: hospitals, universities, hotels, building furnishing, restaurants, among others.


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